Improving Your Freestyle Swimming Technique


Freestyle Swimming pic
Freestyle Swimming

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The freestyle stroke is one of the basic strokes that many beginners learn, but even advanced swimmers can struggle with their technique for this stroke. To improve your freestyle, you will need to pay attention to your body’s position in the water. Your head guides the direction of your body while in the water, so keep it pointing forward and line your forehead up with the water’s surface. Meanwhile, your body should be flat with your stomach facing the bottom of the pool, and you neck muscles should be relaxed. As you rotate your body to take a breath, fully turn so that one side of your body faces the bottom of the pool while the other side faces the sky.

Your freestyle technique may also be affected by a poor breathing technique. Rather than focusing on inhaling whenever you turn your head, focus on exhaling. It is better to exhale while under the water. This relaxes you and lets you inhale more air each time. Further, when you do turn your head for air, do not lift it up above the water. As you swim, your head creates a small pocket of air near your ear that you can breathe from. Lifting your head up slows you down and makes it harder to get back on track. Over-rotating your head or moving it when you aren’t breathing causes similar problems.