Book’em Helps Put Books in the Hands of Every Nashville Child

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Nashville, Tennessee-based realtor Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps Keller Williams clients buy and sell homes. As an active community member and advocate for learning and literacy, Roxanna Devlin actively supports Book’em in Nashville.

Book’em facilitates a more literate Nashville through efforts to put books in the hands of children from diverse backgrounds. The group was founded in 1989, the result of four women who recognized a need in the community. In partnership with Reading is FUNdamental, the organization began to collect books.

Today, Book’em makes a difference through the Books for Nashville Kids program. This unique service collects books for nonprofit organizations working in other sectors. Annually, the group supplies 30,000 books to groups, including Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest, and St. Luke’s Community House, as well as local public schools. In this manner, partnering organizations can distribute books everywhere they touch lives.

Book’em also actively works to promote literacy in young students through various programs. The Ready for Reading program, offered in pre-schools, helps children grasp the fundamentals of literacy before beginning kindergarten. The organization also sponsors Read Me Day, a day to celebrate reading and literacy in Nashville schools.


Improving Your Freestyle Swimming Technique


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Freestyle Swimming

Nashville realtor Roxanna Anspach Devlin represents buyers through Keller Williams Realty. A proven leader, she previously co-founded Triangle Trade Corp. and served as senior vice president at Paine Webber (now UBS) in New York. In her free time, Roxanna Anspach Devlin is an avid swimmer

The freestyle stroke is one of the basic strokes that many beginners learn, but even advanced swimmers can struggle with their technique for this stroke. To improve your freestyle, you will need to pay attention to your body’s position in the water. Your head guides the direction of your body while in the water, so keep it pointing forward and line your forehead up with the water’s surface. Meanwhile, your body should be flat with your stomach facing the bottom of the pool, and you neck muscles should be relaxed. As you rotate your body to take a breath, fully turn so that one side of your body faces the bottom of the pool while the other side faces the sky.

Your freestyle technique may also be affected by a poor breathing technique. Rather than focusing on inhaling whenever you turn your head, focus on exhaling. It is better to exhale while under the water. This relaxes you and lets you inhale more air each time. Further, when you do turn your head for air, do not lift it up above the water. As you swim, your head creates a small pocket of air near your ear that you can breathe from. Lifting your head up slows you down and makes it harder to get back on track. Over-rotating your head or moving it when you aren’t breathing causes similar problems.

The Basics of Badminton

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Basics of Badminton

Roxanna Anspach Devlin provides buyer representation to clients seeking condos, single-family homes, and investment properties. When she’s not working, Roxanna Devlin enjoys playing badminton.

Played between either two players or two teams of two, badminton involves hitting a shuttlecock, or birdie, over a net in an attempt to score. Similar to tennis, the sport is played on a court that is divided into different sections by lines. A small stringed racket is used to hit the shuttlecock to the opposing side, and it can only be hit once before it goes over the net or hits the ground. Typically, winning the game requires one side to win two different sets. Each set is won by the player or team who reaches 15 points first, though there are some exceptions. Points can be won during a serve from either side.

There are a few basic rules badminton players must follow during a match. When serving, the shuttlecock must be hit diagonally across the net. Serves alternate between sides once a point is won and a player faults if they swing and miss their serve. After the serve, players can move and hit freely within the court. During a set, players cannot touch the net with their rackets or bodies. However, the shuttlecock is allowed to touch the net as long as it falls to the opposite side. If it remains on the net or falls onto the same side, it is considered a fault.

The Adventure Science Center Holds its 29th Annual Whistlestop Weekend

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Adventure Science Center

Roxanna Anspach Devlin is a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Nashville, Tennessee. In this capacity, she represents buyers looking for single-family homes, condominiums, and luxury real estate. An active member of her community, Roxanna Devlin was a board member with the Adventure Science Center for two terms.

An independent, not-for-profit institution, the Adventure Science Center has helped individuals experience the unique realm of science since 1945. To this end, the institution maintains a number of award-winning programs and hosts several events throughout the year. Recently, the Adventure Science Center held its 29th Annual Whistlestop Weekend in Nashville. The annual train event was held on November 13-15 and allowed guests to enjoy special train-themed presentations and activities relating to science while also marveling at the area’s best model railroads.

The Whistlestop Weekend aligned with the new All Aboard for Trains exhibit at the Adventure Science Center and featured model railroad layouts provided by Nashville NTRAK and the Music City Chapter of the Train Collectors Association. Guests at the event could participate in any of the three activities held during the weekend, which included demonstrations on how whistles work and the power of steam engines and homopolar motors. Although the Whistlestop Weekend event won’t be held again until next year, the new exhibit is expected to remain at the Adventure Science Center through January 2016.

Nashville Children’s Theatre Presents Cinderella in 2016

A member of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, Roxanna Anspach Devlin serves as a realtor at Keller Williams Realty in Nashville, Tennessee. Away from helping clients close on real estate transactions, Roxanna Devlin advocates for the arts and volunteers at Nashville Children’s Theatre.

Since its 1931 establishment by the Junior League, Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) has evolved as a performing arts organization under the vision of providing a cultural heritage to local youth. Young actors range in age from 3 to 18 years and have the opportunity to share the stage with professional adult troupers, many of whom perform at Nashville Repertory Theatre.

Among other productions during the 2015-2016 season, NCT will present Cinderella, running January 14-February 7, 2016, with evening shows starting at 6:30 p.m. and matinees at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $7 for children and $15 for adults. For box office information and to see a full list of upcoming plays, visit

School Year Classes at the Nashville Children’s Theatre

An experienced financial executive and realtor based in Nashville, Tennessee, Roxanna Anspach Devlin has volunteered with several community organizations throughout her career. Roxanna Devlin served two terms on the board of the Nashville Children’s Theatre.

The Nashville Children’s Theatre is a professional theater company providing theatrical experiences for children and their families. Recent productions include such fun plays as Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, Lyle the Crocodile, and Einstein Is a Dummy. The Nashville Children’s Theatre also offers drama classes for children between the ages of 4 and 14. In the summer, children can attend drama camps, and during the school year, the Theatre organizes a number of drama classes on the weekend and over seasonal breaks.

During the fall semester, the Theatre sponsors a series of four-week and 12-week sessions on Saturdays. Participants in the four-week program play theater games and learn character building from dramatic exercises. In the 12-week series, students receive more in-depth acting instruction. During the week of Fall Break, the Nashville Children’s Theatre offers a weeklong drama camp, which includes 30 hours of instruction and gives parents options for before-care and after-care.

To learn more about summer-camp and school-year classes at the Nashville Children’s Theatre, visit the website at

Badminton – From Backyard Pastime to Olympic Event

A former senior vice president of equity derivatives at Paine Webber in New York City, Roxanna Anspach Devlin now works as a successful realtor in Nashville, Tennessee. In her free time, Roxanna Devlin enjoys a number of activities, including cycling, rowing, swimming, and playing badminton.

A racket sport with ancient origins, badminton is based on battledore and shuttlecock, two games that were played in Europe and Asia approximately 2,000 years ago. During the 1800s, a more modern version of the sport called “poon” was popular throughout India. Soon, British officers serving in the country became fond of the sport, and they eventually introduced it to royalty in England, where it was renamed “badminton” after the Gloucester estate owned by the Duke of Beaufort.

Over the years, badminton’s popularity grow in England and other countries, including Denmark, Canada, and the United States, which were all participating in badminton tournaments by the mid-20th century. Badminton was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1992 and will be featured in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.