Tips for Bike Lovers: How to Prevent Bike Theft


How to Prevent Bike Theft pic
How to Prevent Bike Theft

As a realtor with Keller Williams Realty, Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps Nashville, Tennessee area families find their dream homes. When she is not working, Roxanna Devlin can often be found rowing, swimming, or cycling.

Having a treasured bicycle stolen is one of every cyclist’s worst nightmares. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and is only becoming more common. To protect your bike, consider the following tips from Bicycling Magazine.

1. Lock your bike every time, even if you are dashing in somewhere for just a second, and even if your bicycle will be within your sight. Make sure it is locked to something sturdy too. Small trees, posts without signs on them, and removable scaffolding are all unwise choices.

2. Choose a sturdy U lock, not just a cable lock. Cable locks are easy to cut and can be severed in a matter of seconds. Consider using both a U lock and a cable lock so you can secure the frame to a rack and then secure the wheels to the frame.

3. Give thieves as little room to work in as possible. A U lock loosely dangling from a top tube offers thieves room to maneuver tools and even use the top tube as a lever. Consider securing the lock to the downtube or through the chainstays and wheel.


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