Awe-Inspiring Laser Shows at the Adventure Science Center in Tennessee

Adventure Science Center pic
Adventure Science Center

As a Realtor for Keller Williams, Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps families buy and sell homes. Also a dedicated community member, Roxanna Devlin supports the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Adventure Science Center is home to enriching and fun activities for learners of all ages. It is also the home of the Sudekum Planetarium, which allows children and adults alike to explore the universe without leaving Nashville. From constellations and planets to black holes, the planetarium offers all manner of educational shows and exhibits.

Because it has so many programs to offer, the Sudekum Planetarium often holds special after-hours shows. Educational shows for a younger audience include Skies Over Nashville and Once and Future Cities. Others, targeted toward adults, provide a completely different experiences.

Through the planetarium’s laser light shows, music lovers can enjoy some of the greatest pop and rock acts of all time. The planetarium hosts musical experiences ranging from laser Johnny Cash to laser Michael Jackson.


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