Benefits of Olive Oil in Mediterranean Food

Olive Oil pic
Olive Oil

Roxanna Devlin is a licensed realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Nashville, Tennessee. Responsible for client representation and the facilitation of real estate transactions, Roxanna Devlin enjoys cooking in her spare time, particularly Mediterranean food.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the dietary traditions of the people of Southern Italy and Crete in the 1960s. It consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, seafood, hearty grains, legumes, nuts, and olive oil. Recognized for its health benefits, olive oil is a traditional cold-pressed oil rich in monounsaturated fats; it is made without chemicals or heating. Unlike modern, processed oils such as soybean and sunflower oil, which are industrially manufactured using high heat and toxic solvents, olive oil is free from dangerous trans fats that have been linked to numerous health problems. Additionally, olive oil has been scientifically shown to satisfy hunger quickly, ensuring that dieters eat smaller portions and thereby fewer calories.

Researchers have also linked the Mediterranean diet prepared with olive oil to lower risk of heart disease and memory loss. Additional research also shows that through its use of raw extra virgin olive oil, the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of breast cancer.


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