The Advantages of Playing Tennis

A resident of the Nashville, Tennessee, area, Roxanna Anspach Devlin enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities in her free time. Among Roxanna Devlin’s many interests are sports, including tennis.

Playing tennis is not just a way to have fun. It is also an activity with many physical and mental benefits. People who play tennis at a relatively vigorous intensity cut their risk of death in half, according to the findings of Ralph Paffenbarger, a doctor who has studied thousands of individuals over 20 years.

Additionally, tennis burns more calories than some other activities, including aerobics. Therefore, for those looking to manage their weight, tennis is a great option.

The mental benefits of playing tennis are impressive as well. For example, the game requires tactical thinking and alertness. When players exercise their mind during a game of tennis, new connections between the nerves in the brain form. Playing tennis is also associated with increased self-confidence and optimism, important factors in a person’s emotional well-being.


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