Tips for Bike Lovers: How to Prevent Bike Theft


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How to Prevent Bike Theft

As a realtor with Keller Williams Realty, Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps Nashville, Tennessee area families find their dream homes. When she is not working, Roxanna Devlin can often be found rowing, swimming, or cycling.

Having a treasured bicycle stolen is one of every cyclist’s worst nightmares. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and is only becoming more common. To protect your bike, consider the following tips from Bicycling Magazine.

1. Lock your bike every time, even if you are dashing in somewhere for just a second, and even if your bicycle will be within your sight. Make sure it is locked to something sturdy too. Small trees, posts without signs on them, and removable scaffolding are all unwise choices.

2. Choose a sturdy U lock, not just a cable lock. Cable locks are easy to cut and can be severed in a matter of seconds. Consider using both a U lock and a cable lock so you can secure the frame to a rack and then secure the wheels to the frame.

3. Give thieves as little room to work in as possible. A U lock loosely dangling from a top tube offers thieves room to maneuver tools and even use the top tube as a lever. Consider securing the lock to the downtube or through the chainstays and wheel.


Awe-Inspiring Laser Shows at the Adventure Science Center in Tennessee

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Adventure Science Center

As a Realtor for Keller Williams, Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps families buy and sell homes. Also a dedicated community member, Roxanna Devlin supports the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Adventure Science Center is home to enriching and fun activities for learners of all ages. It is also the home of the Sudekum Planetarium, which allows children and adults alike to explore the universe without leaving Nashville. From constellations and planets to black holes, the planetarium offers all manner of educational shows and exhibits.

Because it has so many programs to offer, the Sudekum Planetarium often holds special after-hours shows. Educational shows for a younger audience include Skies Over Nashville and Once and Future Cities. Others, targeted toward adults, provide a completely different experiences.

Through the planetarium’s laser light shows, music lovers can enjoy some of the greatest pop and rock acts of all time. The planetarium hosts musical experiences ranging from laser Johnny Cash to laser Michael Jackson.

Book’em Helps Put Books in the Hands of Every Nashville Child

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Nashville, Tennessee-based realtor Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps Keller Williams clients buy and sell homes. As an active community member and advocate for learning and literacy, Roxanna Devlin actively supports Book’em in Nashville.

Book’em facilitates a more literate Nashville through efforts to put books in the hands of children from diverse backgrounds. The group was founded in 1989, the result of four women who recognized a need in the community. In partnership with Reading is FUNdamental, the organization began to collect books.

Today, Book’em makes a difference through the Books for Nashville Kids program. This unique service collects books for nonprofit organizations working in other sectors. Annually, the group supplies 30,000 books to groups, including Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest, and St. Luke’s Community House, as well as local public schools. In this manner, partnering organizations can distribute books everywhere they touch lives.

Book’em also actively works to promote literacy in young students through various programs. The Ready for Reading program, offered in pre-schools, helps children grasp the fundamentals of literacy before beginning kindergarten. The organization also sponsors Read Me Day, a day to celebrate reading and literacy in Nashville schools.

Nashville’s Adventure Science Center Prepares for 2017 Solar Eclipse

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Adventure Science Center

Keller Williams Realtor Roxanna Anspach Devlin helps Nashville, Tennessee-area buyers find the home, condo, or investment property of their dreams. An active member of her local community, Roxanna Devlin also supports organizations like Adventure Science Center.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Adventure Science Center offers hundreds of fun and engaging scientific exhibits and activities for scholars of all ages. The nonprofit organization focuses on biology, physics, earth sciences, and space. It also encourages listening and mindfulness as visitors explore their curiosity across 44,000 square feet of exhibits.

Adventure Science Center is already gearing up for the 2017 solar eclipse, which will occur on August 21. In a historic astronomical event, this will be the first total solar eclipse to be visible across the entire nation since 1918. Nashville is especially fortunate, as the city is perfectly positioned for a great view.

Tennessee-area residents who would like to connect with Adventure Science Center for eclipse-related news and activities can keep in touch on Facebook

Improving Your Freestyle Swimming Technique


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Freestyle Swimming

Nashville realtor Roxanna Anspach Devlin represents buyers through Keller Williams Realty. A proven leader, she previously co-founded Triangle Trade Corp. and served as senior vice president at Paine Webber (now UBS) in New York. In her free time, Roxanna Anspach Devlin is an avid swimmer

The freestyle stroke is one of the basic strokes that many beginners learn, but even advanced swimmers can struggle with their technique for this stroke. To improve your freestyle, you will need to pay attention to your body’s position in the water. Your head guides the direction of your body while in the water, so keep it pointing forward and line your forehead up with the water’s surface. Meanwhile, your body should be flat with your stomach facing the bottom of the pool, and you neck muscles should be relaxed. As you rotate your body to take a breath, fully turn so that one side of your body faces the bottom of the pool while the other side faces the sky.

Your freestyle technique may also be affected by a poor breathing technique. Rather than focusing on inhaling whenever you turn your head, focus on exhaling. It is better to exhale while under the water. This relaxes you and lets you inhale more air each time. Further, when you do turn your head for air, do not lift it up above the water. As you swim, your head creates a small pocket of air near your ear that you can breathe from. Lifting your head up slows you down and makes it harder to get back on track. Over-rotating your head or moving it when you aren’t breathing causes similar problems.

Adventure Science Center’s Annual Mini Maker Faire Set for September

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Adventure Science Center

Nashville, Tennessee resident Roxanna Anspach Devlin serves as a realtor for Keller Williams Realty and provides buyer representation services for transactions involving single family homes, condos, investment properties, and new luxury homes. Outside of her professional commitments, Roxanna Devlin supports numerous community organizations and has previously served on the board of directors for the Adventure Science Center.

In September 2016, the Adventure Science Center will host its annual Nashville Mini Maker Faire. Celebrating dreamers, innovators, tinkerers, and other science and technology makers, the Mini Maker Faire serves as a community show-and-tell and science fair that highlights local projects and talents. The family-friendly event will showcase a variety of projects, inventions, and do-it-yourself skills, and it enables inventors of all ages to share their learning experiences.

Makers come from a diverse array of backgrounds and range from crafters and garage tinkerers to scientists and tech enthusiasts. Originally launched in 2005, the Maker Faire operates with the goal of entertaining, informing, connecting, and growing the community.

Admission to the Mini Maker Faire costs $5 for adults and $2 for youths aged 18 and below. The event will take place outside the Science Center regardless of weather conditions and food trucks will be available onsite.

Guests may park at the Greer Stadium parking lot and access free shuttle services, although a limited number of additional spaces will be provided at the Science Center on a first-come, first-served basis for guests with disabilities.

The Nashville Mini Maker Fair will take place on September 17, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more, visit

Annual Read Me Day Raises Awareness for Reading Importance

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A real estate professional in Nashville, Tennessee, Roxanna Anspach Devlin represents buyers in real estate transactions for investment properties, single-family homes, condos, and new luxury homes. Roxanna Devlin has also previously served as a board member for Book’em, an organization that provides literacy programs to economically disadvantaged children throughout Nashville. Book’em programs include the annual Read Me Day.

The annual Read Me Day operates in conjunction with the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) program, which provides visits from volunteers readers five to eight times throughout the school year. Read Me Day consists of a special reading celebration that raises awareness of the importance of establishing literacy services for children in the Nashville community. Book’em hosts the event at one of the 10 schools served by the RIF program.

Launched by East Hickman Elementary School teacher Frankie DeWees in 1986, Read Me Day began with the purpose of celebrating the importance of reading. Its namesake came from the concept that teachers, students, and visiting readers would be encouraged to wear a shirt, cap, or pin with a message for children to read.

To learn more about Read Me Day and the Reading Is Fundamental program, visit